I went for nearly most of adult life undiagnosed with ADHD. 

I'm pretty lucky that a large part of it was overseas and all the usual challenges that being neurodivergent are lessened to a certain extent as a foreigner, as most of the skills associated with this set of alter-abilties, eg. super powers are in constant demand. As an outsider, your behavior is expected to be odd or off, so culture shock becomes the ultimate masking. Living in an immersive and high context cultures like in China, Japan, and Thailand (to name a few) provide rich and fertile grounds for serotonin and dopamine farming on a daily basis simply by existing. Anytime I ever felt over stimulated, I could easily withdraw without any social penalty. The flipside of this of course is reverse culture shock upon returning and can be pretty disabling on its own. 

Fast forward: The Pandemic, a year in my in-laws basement, loss of mobility, chronic pain, apartment hunting, moving, painting, another year trying to work from home, 10,000 worries, colonoscopy, polyps, obesity, bacterial infection, and now separation. 

I needed help. So I contacted Cerebral which is an online and tele-med mental health provider which makes them extremely affordable to get the care we all need sometimes. Their team provides other solutions as well. It's easy to manage in private (unless you're like myself and want to help others be sharing this information). Like many other so called influencers, I too have a discount code to share with you. 

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