Video Killed The Radio Star


Bring Me The Head of Basil Wolverton on You Tube


Mad magazine is when Basil first came into my life. He taught me that cartoons could be something more than just some silly drawings on paper. That garish, morbid, and excessive composition and subject matter could be hilarious as it was thought provoking. I wasn't the only one, kids all over in the early 70's loved gross looking toons and toys. I'm sure it's when The Munsters went into syndication as well as many other Basil flavored far out spooky and kooky knock offs echoed through the prepubescent childhoods of anyone else growing up in America then. This cat was a pioneer who worked in relative obscurity for most of his life and yet to this day we can see his influence all over our media diet. A true hero of the Pacific Northwest and his remains are at rest near my home, so how can I not stop by and pay tribute?